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Adamus Gin

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Produtor: Destilaria Levira

Harvest: ND

Type: Gin

Region: Bairrada

Country of Origin: Portugal

Serve at: 6°C - 10°C.

Volume: 70cl

Alcohol: 44.4%

Grapes: ND

Side Dishes: Serve with tonic water, citrus fruits or aromatic herbs


Adamus is a super premium Portuguese gin. To create this gin, the best and most special organic botanicals in Portugal were chosen. 86 natural botanicals were tested and, of these, the 18 best were chosen, made from the Bairrada berry variety, from which a perfect distillate is obtained with 44.4% Alc. A drink with a strong character, capable of transporting us to unique moments.

In addition to the Bairrada berry variety, organic botanicals from organic production can be found in this gin, such as: hibiscus, juniper, orange, lemon, cinnamon, ginger and cardamom and more daring ones such as sage and lavender. The other unrevealed botanicals are part of the mystery that gives Adamus such a special and original character.

Adamus has a floral and fruity aroma and a complex flavor.

The special bottle of this gin demonstrates one of the things Portugal is famous for: cork. This material emphasizes the natural character of this drink and gives it a unique and special look.

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Adamus Gin