Quinta de Ventozelo

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Produtor: Quinta de Ventozelo

Type: Oil

Region: Douro

Country of Origin: Portugal

Volume: 50cl


Classification and Region:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Region of Trás-os-Montes

Variety of Olives:

Cobrançosa (80%) and Verdeal Transmontana (20%)

Extraction Process:

Cold extraction.

Tasting Note and gastronomy:

Greenish color. On the nose, a very fresh aroma, with notes of fresh olives, herbs and tomatoes. In the mouth, bitter and spicy well balanced, with hints of olive leaf and a very harmonious and prolonged aftertaste. Ideal for salads or grilled fish

Analytical Parameters:

Maximum Acidity: <0.3%
Peroxide Index: < 20 meqO2/kg
Wax Indexes: < 150 mg/kg
K232: <2
K268: <0.2
K: 0.01

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil