Brites Aguiar

Superior 17 ° Watercolor 2020

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Produtor: Brites Aguiar

Harvest: 2020

Type: Tinto

Region: Douro

Country of Origin: Portugal

Serve at: 15°C - 16°C

Volume: 75cl

Alcohol: 17%

Grapes: Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz, Tinta Barroca

Side Dishes: Acompanha muito bem pratos condimentados, nomeadamente da cozinha tradicional portuguesa. Com queijo da Serra da Estrela, por exemplo, a harmonia é perfeita.


The Baffarella 17 are passion wines. They are in themselves a boldness. They are wines that have 17 degrees of alcohol and that are made only when the maturation of the grapes allows it. They are above all a telluric interpretation of the place that gives rise to it, a part of the Douro where, during the maturation of the grapes, the heat is suffocating and the lack of water is a constant.

Proof Note:
Taste: Fattened, with firm tannins but softened by acidity, resulting in a fresh wine, balanced and with a fresh one at the end. Powerful in the mouth is a wine that chews itself.
Aroma: With an intense aroma of ripe fruit, it shows touches of chocolate and cocoa that merge with the violet and the compotated fruit.

Consumption: It should open a little before being consumed so that it breathes and develops at its best. Over time, it can create sediment requiring decanting.

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Superior 17 ° Watercolor 2020