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Buçaco Reserved White 2017

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Produtor: Alexandre Almeida Hotels

Harvest: 2017

Type: White

Region: Bairrada

Country of Origin: Portugal

Serve at: 7°C - 14°C

Volume: 75cl

Alcohol: 13.5%

Grapes: beical, crossroads, Maria Gomes

Side Dishes: Light dishes, fresh salads, vegetarian dishes, traditional sushi, light fish, seafood, white meats

At the beginning of the 19th century, one of the most interesting pages of Portuguese wine was born, a wine that would become an icon, the target of greed, but which was always kept, by its own will, out of the limelight. Its creator, Alexandre de Almeida, imported the concept of combining luxury hotels with a wine cellar and its own wine. Thus were born the great wines of Buçaco. To drink a Buçaco is to travel back in time, it is to drink a glorious wine, created by Alexandre Almeida, a visionary. This is an opportunity that everyone who appreciates wine should have, even if only once in their lifetime.
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Buçaco Reserved White 2017