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Dona Paterna Alvarinho Wine Brandy XO

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Produtor: Dona Paterna

Harvest: NV

Type: Distillates

Region: Green wine

Country of Origin: Portugal

Serve at: Room temperature

Volume: 50cl

Alcohol: 39%

Grapes: Alvarinho

Side Dishes: As a digestive or accompanied with coffee

Variety: Alvarinho
Origin: Portugal
Sub-region: Monção and Melgaço
DOC: Vinho Verde Alvarinho
Alcohol: 39% vol.
Year: Batch of various brandies with an average age of 25 years

This Velha XO brandy results from the distillation of Alvarinho wines, with the care that such an operation requires. Combining art, knowledge and patience,
aged in oak casks, of various origins, for 35/40 years. Thus obtaining a final product, topaz in color with a
characteristic of wood, complex and soft, structured and unctuous flavor.
From this batch, 564 bottles were bottled, all of them numbered.
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Dona Paterna Alvarinho Wine Brandy XO