Labdanum PET NAT White

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Produtor: Ládano

Harvest: 2021

Type: White

Region: Douro

Country of Origin: Portugal

Serve at: 8ºC

Volume: 75cl

Alcohol: 12.5%

Grapes: Viosinho, Syria

Side Dishes: Especially recommended to accompany starters, caviar and fatty fish


Hand picking for 20 kg boxes. The properly selected and pressed grapes fermented spontaneously in stainless steel vats and ended up in the bottle. Natural sparkling wine (Pét-Nat). Elaborated according to the ancestral method of a single fermentation finished in the bottle. Floral aroma due to the varieties and delicate citrus. Mouth tasting with fine bubbles, medium mousse and adequate pressure. Citrus on the palate and some perception of sweetness.

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Labdanum PET NAT White