Raffelli Rosso Vermouth

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Produtor: Raffelli

Harvest: ND

Type: Vermouth

Region: Italy

Country of Origin: Italy

Serve at: Cool or with an ice cube

Volume: 1Lt

Alcohol: 14.4%

Grapes: ND

Side Dishes: Appetizer


Raffaelli Bianco Vermouth is an aromatized alcoholic drink made from white wine and a mixture of herbs, spices and other botanicals. Vermouth is known as an aperitif, often consumed before meals to stimulate the appetite, but it can also be used as an ingredient in cocktails.

Raffaelli Bianco Vermouth has its roots in the Italian tradition of vermouth production. It is made by infusing herbs and spices in quality white wine, which gives it a unique and complex flavor profile. The herbs and spices used can vary, but commonly include ingredients such as mugwort, wormwood, orange peel, vanilla, cardamom, among others. The combination of these ingredients results in a balance between sweet and bitter flavors, as well as rich and engaging aromas.

Raffaelli Bianco Vermouth is generally served chilled and can be consumed neat, with ice or as a base for cocktails . It is often garnished with a slice of orange or an olive to further enhance its flavor characteristics.

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Raffelli Rosso Vermouth