Redoma White Reserve 2022

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Produtor: Niepoort

Harvest: 2022

Type: White

Region: Douro

Country of Origin: Portugal

Serve at: 10°C - 12°C

Volume: 75cl

Alcohol: 12.3%

Grapes: Rabigato, Códega de Larinho, Viosinho, Arinto

Side Dishes: Peixe assado, arroz de marisco, carnes brancas. Sugestões vegetarianas: massas com queijos.

Redoma Reserva is made with grapes from old vines, planted at an altitude of 600 meters on micaxisto soils. Since its creation (1995), the main objective in the production of this wine, has been to express the character of the old vines of the Douro. At the end of the stage, the best barrels are chosen, taking into account their minerality, complexity and aging potential.
The 2022 wine year was the driest of the 21st century!
The harvest of 2022 was the youngest ever!
In recent years we have seen greater climatic variability and a higher frequency of extreme phenomena, such as heat waves and intense rains that characterized the year 2022, in the Douro.
The natural way we work at Niepoort, this climate variability has a great impact on the final profile of wines, and as such this year was a year to remember...
The harvest at Quinta de Naples started on 4 August with the short-cycle vine, and on 12 August we started the harvest of white grapes.
The grapes for the Redoma come from old vines on the right bank of the Douro River, with an altitude of between 400 and 600 meters. In these vineyards, Micaxisto soils predominate, which combined with the complexity of mixing typical Douro varieties, originate delicate wines with freshness and minerality.
After a refrigerated transport, the grapes were selected in a way that was rigorous at the entrance to the cellar, followed by a slow and delicate pressing. Without skin maceration, the must was at rest for 24 hours, followed by a slow alcoholic fermentation in barrels. Redoma Reserva interacted in a barrel for 9 months. Malolactic was done in its entirety.
In the nose is delicate but complex. Its freshness and character is revealed by the notes of aromatic herbs, citrus and white plum, floral nuances perfectly integrated with the spice notes of the stage in wood, making it more serious.
In the mouth it is structured with an excellent acidity. The end of mouth is long, dry and spicy. It is a classic Douro white, extremely balanced and with an excellent aging potential
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Redoma White Reserve 2022