Ron Barceló

Barcelo Imperial Rum

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Produtor: Ron Barceló

Harvest: ND

Type: Rum

Region: Caribbean

Country of Origin: Dominican Republic

Serve at: 18°C - 22°C

Volume: 70cl

Alcohol: 38%

Grapes: ND

Side Dishes: Serve in a chilled glass or with an ice cube


Barceló Imperial Rum is a premium rum produced in the Dominican Republic by the Ron Barceló distillery. The Ron Barceló brand is known for its tradition in rum production and offers a variety of rums, including aged and premium expressions like Barceló Imperial.

Some notable features of Barceló Imperial Rum include:


Barceló Imperial is an aged rum, meaning it spends a significant amount of time in oak barrels to develop complex flavors and mellow the spirit. The aging time contributes to the rich amber color and characteristic flavors of the rum.

Flavor Profile:

Barceló Imperial is known for having a balanced flavor profile, with notes of ripe fruit, soft spices, caramel and vanilla, resulting from the aging process.

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Barcelo Imperial Rum