Black Pig

Black Pig Rum ILHA Pessegueiro 70cl

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Produtor: Black Pig

Harvest: ND

Type: Rum

Region: Alentejo

Country of Origin: Portugal

Serve at: 18°C - 22°C

Volume: 50cl

Alcohol: 38.6%

Grapes: ND

Side Dishes: Simple, with an ice cube or as a base for cocktails

Spiced Rum “Spiced Rum”, using exclusively natural Peach fructose, infused with vanilla, tobacco leaf, coffee beans and Alentejo peach. With this Rum, a classic drink is reinvented, through distinctive aromas of Portuguese maritime history with a contemporary Alentejo character. An incomparable Rum, for unforgettable moments, that brings back memories of Alentejo.
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Black Pig Rum ILHA Pessegueiro 70cl