Saint-Vivant VSOP

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Produtor: Saint-Vivant

Harvest: nv

Type: Armagnac

Region: Armagnac

Country of Origin: France

Serve at: nv

Volume: 70cl

Alcohol: 40%

Grapes: nv

Side Dishes: nv

Armagnac Saint-Vivant has a rich tradition dating back to 1559, when Saint-Vivant de la Salle produced the first bottle. The famous “twisted” bottle reproduces the original bottles used by Saint Vivant. The Saint Vivant house uses selected wines, exclusively from the Gascony region. These wines are distilled in traditional copper stills, and the resulting alcohol is aged in oak casks. The Saint Vivant cellar master then begins the complex process of mixing the various aged distillates, with a view to obtaining the final batch that makes this brand one of the most renowned Armagnacs in the world.
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Saint-Vivant VSOP