Padre Azul

Padres Azul Añejo Tequila

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Produtor: Padre Azul

Harvest: ND

Type: Tequila

Region: México

Country of Origin: México

Serve at: 18°C - 20°C

Volume: 70cl

Alcohol: 40%

Grapes: ND

Side Dishes: Serve neat or as a base for premium cocktails


Padre Azul premium tequila comes in three different degrees of maturation, as is typical of Mexican agave brandy. The Añejo version matured in oak barrels for 18 months, developing notes of vanilla, chocolate and cinnamon. The tequila is bottled in an extraordinary bottle, wrapped in leather and topped with a 250-gram skull-shaped cap.

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Padres Azul Añejo Tequila